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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

This not much to post

Well, the title says it all.  I am still around and not doing much of anything.  I am still reading for the most part, but not as much as before.  To date, I finished reading 32 books for the year and listen to another 26 audio-books.  Needless to say, the bulk of the books were non-fiction, 46 of them total.  

I joined GoodReads ( a while back (mid or late 2016) to start keeping track of what books I have read, or listen to, over time.  I also use it to keep track of how many books I have read each year.  As I started keeping track of what books I read on this blog back in 2014, I was able to back date them as well.  The only bad thing is that for my 'pages read' count, I can't separate my actual reading vs. my audio books without dating when I listened to them.  It really does mean much, but I like to see some times how many pages I read over a period of time.  Example is that currently it is showing that I read 13,635 pages for the year, but I only read 7,324 pages and the rest were from my audio-books.

I was also able to go back and marked "read" for all of the books that I could remember reading over all of my years.  I am shocked that I have read 693 books over my life.  I know that there is at least one book that I read which is not included in that number as I can't remember the title, which is okay since it was horrible (I still remember that).  I am sure that there maybe a few others that I have forgotten over time too.  Also, I was shocked to see about 38% of the books I read over time were fiction.  That is a higher percentage than what I thought it would be.  But looking back, I did read a lot of fiction in my pre-teens and teen years, mostly for school.  I have also listen to a lot of fiction audio-books because of the voice acting as I love radio plays and these are close to that.   

If anyone else is on GoodReads and wants to look me up to see what I have been reading, I will be under "Joe Collins" with my dapper Gentoo penguin avatar.  Just let me know that you are asking for a "Friends" request in my comments section below so I know who is sending it. If I don't, I will not "Friend" you on GoodReads.  Sorry, I am a little bit protective.

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