Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - And the 30th Anniversary of the South Atlantic War

Happy New Year, 2012 – The last year of Man! (Or at least to New Age Mayans.)  But more importantly, this is the 30th Anniversary of the South Atlantic War over the Falklands / Malvinas Islands.  I am hoping to be running some 20mm games for this conflict during this year.  The only thing really holding me back is terrain of bunch of hills, but I am trying to fix that.

Anyway, I have finally given up on my search for trying to find a correct model of LVTP-7 for the Argentine Marines in 20mm.  At first, all I could find were 1/72 Dragon kits, of which none were right.  All of them have the Up Gunned Weapons Station (UGWS) turrets, which are not correct for the Argentine LVTP-7’s, all though one kit has the old turret which would work.  Next problem is that all of the Dragon kits have the ramp / cattle guard looking thing on the front (I am not into studying the Marines, so I really have no clue what that thing is called or what is used for at all.)  That would not be so bad, but I would have to cut down the “bumps” on the front from the cattle guards hinges to make the front smooth for the Argentine Marines LVTP-7s.  Finally, the headlights are all wrong.  The Argentine LVTP-7s had the three lights in each of two circle indentations, where the Dragon models have the current two sets of two rectangular lights on the front.  But I recently find that Altaya released a 1/72nd collectible of an AAVP7A1.  It still has the wrong headlights, but at least it has the right looking turret and no cattle guard.  So, I order two of them to armor up my 20mm Argentine platoon.  Now I need to order a 1/72nd Panhard 90mm from S&S Models to give my Argentine conscripts something to fight with my British Scimitar light tank.  I also have on order from Liberation some figures that I am hoping to convert to work for Argentine .50 HMG and 107mm Recoilless Rifle teams, but I am still looking for some figures that would work for the M20 Super Bazooka teams without heavy conversions.  Then I should be done with my Argentine forces in 20mm, except maybe for a helicopter or two for an air insertion scenario. 

See the pictures below for the Argentine LVTP-7 and the kits.

Argentine LVTP-7s in Port Stanley

Dragon 1/72nd AAVP7

Altaya 1/72nd AAVP7
 Also, I am putting up a picture of an Argentine TAM tank which I found will searching for pictures of the Altaya model of the AAVP7.  They did not see action in the Falklands War as they were still under trials and final production.  I am only including this picture as I really find the paint job pretty cool.

Finally,I am putting up a picture of one of rare photographs (possibly the only one also) of the Top Malo house before it was destroyed in 1982.  It is from the 1930’s and I got it from Gordon Ramsey’s, “Falklands War Then and Now.”  Excellent book if you are looking for photographs on the Falklands war.

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