Saturday, January 28, 2012

Movie Review: “The Iron Lady” (2012)

I liked this movie!  Meryl Streep well deserves every award and nomination that she gets for her role as Margaret Thatcher.  This movie is about Margaret Thatcher, the woman that rose to power as one of the longest lasting Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and not about her policies. They touch on her policies, as it would not be possible not to without explaining her decline as the head of her party.  Whether you like Thatcher or despised her, one can’t deny that she was a powerful figure in the British politics.   

The movie is done through flashbacks, after Thatcher has suffered her strokes and memory losses.  While I don’t recall them ever giving an actual date when the modern day scenes are suppose to be taking place, one event where they place an statue of her in Parliament and that occurred in Feb., 2007.  As part of her memory lost, she is repeated visited by her dead husband, Sir Dennis Thatcher, played by Jim Broadbent. 

There are scenes in the movie that touch on what I am doing for my Falklands project and the Anarchy in the UK project.  The Falklands section is probably only 5 to 10 minutes long, but was very interesting, especially with her meeting with the US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig and the scene dealing with the sinking of the General Belgrano.

Again, I enjoyed it and think it is worth the seeing if one is interested in the 1980’s UK.



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