Tuesday, January 17, 2012

IABSM3 Play test – Falklands

Well, this Sunday we did another play test of IABSM3 to introduce more of the rules like indirect fire, snipers, and night fighting.  We did this play test at Wargamer’s Cave (link) again, but this time using my 20mm Falklands figures.  The scenario was a fictional engagement of two platoons of UK Para’s with some support (a SFGPMG team, a Carl Gustav team, and a half battery of 105mm on call) vs. a weak platoon of Argentine Army Commandos with some support (a SFGPMG team, a section of 81mm mortars with a FOO, and a sniper).  Steve H. was running the Para’s and Curtis T. was running the Commandos.  Each Para figure was equal to two men and the Commando figures were 1 figure to 1 man.  I didn’t get my Falkland’s Blinds done, so I was using Viet Cong blinds for the Commandos and the Para’s did not start under blinds.  I also did not get my Art Cow cards yet either.

The background of the scenario is that the Commandos were camped out at a farm, but expecting a push by the British, was able to deploy his platoon and support in about the center of the board.  The Para’s were on a time schedule, so had to advance in a fairly straight line until an engagement broke out. 

I failed to take photographs until about half way through the game.  So, what happen earlier in play test was the Commandos were very observant and spotted the Para’s right off at the get go, but the Para’s were have some problems spotting until their Big Men started using their flares.  Thanks to the flares and the poor dice rolling by Curtis, the Commandos were losing men, but doing no damage to the Para’s.

One of the Para platoons laid a base of fire as the other started to flank the Commandos.  The Para’s never got their FOO in to a position to call in the 105’s, but the Commandos were able to eventually get their 81’s to fire for effect on one of the Para sections.  The flanking Para platoon crested the hill next to the Commandos.  With that, the Argentine commander orders the one section of Commandos still around to charge up the hill against two Para sections.  It did not go well for the Commandos.

At the end of the game, fourteen Argentine Commandos were killed, mostly from the charge up the hill.  Three Para’s were killed, with two from the Commando charge and one from the mortar attack.   I think everyone enjoyed the game, but we still need to get more familiar with the new Big Man rules.

Argentine Commandos in defensive positions
The Para Platoon making a flanking attack
Preparing to cease the hill crest
Moments before the Commando's charge
The Commando's charge
The result from the Commando's six dice, two Para's killed
The results of the Para's 20 dice, 12 Commandos killed


The Rusty Nail said...

Great post Sapper Joe. It is good to know the Paras have turned up on the Falklands ahead of schedule. I should be there with the rest of the Task Force by 21st May. Please tell the airborne to secure their perimeter and sit tight until then. Arnhem all over again! Aye, Rusty

dglennjr said...

Great looking game.

What figures do you use for the 20mm Argentine forces?



Sapper Joe said...

Hello, David:

The bulk of the Argentine troops are old Hotspur figures. They are currently available from Stonewall miniatures under the name of Combat Miniatures. Below is the link to their Falklands figures: http://www.stonewallfigures.co.uk/shop/index.php/page,shop.browse/category,Operation+Corporate/category_id,91f47884cb7f9ccc537d835ce135cb15?ps_session=010dd5816812059f7b199c261b67c76e

The MMG and 81mm mortar teams for the Argentine troops are available through FAA: http://www.faaminiatures.com/c-315-falklands-war-1982.aspx

The FAA figures were done by the some sculptor.

Platoon 20 was a very small line which I only use the guy surrendering myself.

But, in really big news, Rolf with Liberation Miniatures, http://www.rhmodels.com/ will be releasing a line of Argentine troops very soon. The first kit will be infantry with SLR and helmets. They are lovely, as I have seen a picture of the greens. They should be out in the next month or two.