Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Patrol Markers for Too Fat Lardies’ Chain of Command and other news

I think I finally figured out how to use the Google Drive to make PDF’s and other documents available on my blog for others, without out making all of my files accessible (Sorry folks, there are just some things I don’t want to share!)

If this works, I will finally get around to posting how to write an Operational Order (OPORD) for the US Army for the Vietnam to 2000 (I can’t honestly say that has not change since then since after I got out.)  If you remember my Charlie Don’t Surf (CDS) game’s AAR (link), you saw what I was going to give to the US players for an OPORD.  But that will probably happen in early December, as my old training materials are buried in the basement and I will not have any time to dig them out until then.  I am hoping that I have everything still from when I use to be an Instructor / Trainer for the US Army’s Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC) or what is now called Warrior Leader Course, and Battle Skills Course (training non-combat troops in infantry tactics), which I believe is now called Combat Skills Training.

Anyways, I made up several PDF’s of Patrol Markers and Jump Off Points for various forces for TFL’s Chain of Command (CoC).  I did not do the artwork, so I am not a fancy graphics artist.  Most of the ones are for WWII, including the Winter War for the Finnish & Soviets.  I also have one for the Falklands and a couple for Cold War Africa.  I am currently finishing the ones for my ‘Anarchy in the UK’ (AitUK) project, but I am still trying to figure out how to do the texture to make them all the same.  I think I understand how to, but I just have not had time to see if I have the right photoshop program to do it.  Hopefully some others will find them useful and use them too.  Use this (link) to get to them.

In other news, if all goes well, I will either run my first game of CoC or another CDS on the 30th.  I am also luck out in that I will be taking some well needed time off in mid-December, so I hope to get some gaming in then too (plus get a bunch of stuff together to finally sell off dead gaming projects to make room for the 28mm Winter War stuff.)  The game at the end of the month, if it is a CoC game, will be either a Falklands patrol action or the first in the AitUK games using the information that I have been posting earlier.

Also, my last batch of 20mm’s that I had painted by Northumbrian Painting Services arrived.  I will not be able to post pictures until late this month of them, but you will see them here eventually.  So as a teaser, I will say vaguely what to expect to see when I get them posted:
  • 'Red Dawn is not time for Tea!’ - But something makes me think that I might have to buy some US homes in the near future as I doubt there are any British sports teams that are named after small, furry animals with a bad temper. 
  • 'Amanda is tapping the Pyramids' 
  • 'The thin blue line that is trying to stop two guys on a mission from God’ 
  • 'You see lying there the last of scientists, of bankers, of businessmen. The users of the wheel.’
  • 'Warriors, come out to play!’ from some guys whom has been reading too much Lewis Carroll 
  • 'Fear is our ally. The gasoline will be ours.’ 
  • 'A big guy giving a little guy a piggy back’ 


Pete. said...

Looking forward to the pics- the teaser title have me intrigued.

The files too.



Sapper Joe said...

Hello, Pete

Not sure if you meant that you were looking towards the files or not. The link is in the entry or just use the following: