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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I am OK as of now - Ferguson, MO...again

For those who remember my previous post, I live really close to Ferguson, MO.  So far it has been quite where I live.  But you can hear the sirens off in the distance periodically.  Several local businesses, especially the liquor store, near me have boarded up just in case now.  I will periodically pop on every few days just for a head count that I am OK.

Oddly enough, this is my fourth(!) nearby (less than 3 miles) riot in my life.  Two back in my college days where I was going to school (the Rodney King riot and the ABC fraternity riot) and the two here (the one about 3 months ago and the current one).

Hopefully the violence will die off or be suppressed quickly.



Thomas Nissvik said...

Stay safe and keep us updated, Joe.

Pete. said...

I'll second that - hope everything settles down quickly. Look after yourself.



Sapper Joe said...

Thanks, guys!


Simon Quinton said...

Stay safe my friend!