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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Well, I am back from Richmond, VA, where I was for work for a week.  I didn’t have time to sight see, but did a bit of reading.  Unfortunately, it was not the book that I planned to read next, Ridgeway.  I did originally pack it in my computer bag, but took it out for some reason and forgot to put it back in for my flight. (Also note that I have a different book up over to the right...)

However, I did bring my Kindle Fire so I was able to read some short novellas or books.  I think this is the most fiction that I have read in a long time too!  So I am going to list what I finished reading here:

Accused: Hunted by Andy Chambers (novella)
Weird War 1: No Man’s Land by Kevin Murphy (novella)

Weird War 1: Teufelshunde by John Hopler (novella)

Weird War 1: Hellfighter by Ed Wetterman (novella)
Weird War 2: Los! By Timothy Brown (novella)
Weird War 2: Wunderwaffe by  Timothy Brown (novella)
Thing vs Exotroopers! By David Brown (novella)

Off Radio by David Wellington (novella)

The Enrolment List for the Militia in Hamilton, CanadaWest (1865) (newspaper article from the Hamilton Evening Times)

The Skirmish at Lime-Stone Ridge by Anonymous (newspaper account of the Battle of Ridgeway) 

So I did at least read something about the Battle of Ridgeway anyways over the week.  I started to get ready to read Ridgeway over the weekend, but didn't.  On Monday, instead of grabbing my Ridgeway book to read at lunch, I grabbed my Kindle instead.  So, I broke down and started reading a new book off of Kindle, but I decided to keep the Ridgeway idea going by reading The Last Invasion of Canada: The Fenian Raids, 1866-1870 by Hereward Senior.

While I am starting to think about resurrecting my Ridgeway project, I am also thinking about what rules I plan to use.  I am would like a system that is about one figure to ten men, so that means around 100 figures per side so not to make it too small for a game, but also not too many figures to paint.  Next, it needs to be strong in the quality and morale rules.  There were very little causalities on both sides and Canadians really only lost due to panic at the site a couple of men on horseback believing that there was a large cavalry force nearby.   My original game 20 or so years ago was using the Out-of-print GDW’s Space 1889: Soldier’s Companion.  (It has since come back in print - see the link).  I remember it being a good set of rules and I still have my rule book, but I have not played it since then.  The other option is to look at Regimental Fire & Fury.  I know that the original Fire & Fury was rather simple, but that RF&F now has more details, plus it is about the scale I am looking for with 1 base of 3 figures for 40 men, or roughly one figure for 13.3 men.  I have not really looked into any rules beyond those two for now, but I am open to suggestions.  But really like the idea of shock or fatigue on a unit to show the wear and tear on a unit in battle vs. causalities being the reason for units to win or lose in some battles as in the case of Ridgeway.

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